Moss Walls - nature. preserved.

Green Oasis has developed a fascinating method of using greenery ‘up high’ where it’s most visible and ‘off the floor’ where it’s most out of the way. Among the many benefits are that this is space saving, it enables greenery in narrow corridors, low light situations and in places where getting access is difficult. And, Moss Walls have most of the noise absorbing and therapeutic softness living foliage brings to interiors.

Enter Moss into our product range.  This new idea is incredibly flexible in its application.  With the ability to be used in virtually any indoor environment, whether its hot or cold, light or dark, moss will remain looking good.  It can be cut to any shape, used on curved surfaces, turned into patterns, words, logos and pictures…moss walls are whatever you want them to be.

As each order is processed individually any size, shape or design can be manufactured and installed.  However big the area you want to cover or whatever design you’d like to incorporate into the panels its all possible with moss.  A common request we get is to incorporate logos and messages, and using CAD we can reproduce these incredibly accurately in moss!  We make all of our moss wall panels ourselves, and each is a work of art, hand-crafted, lovingly created piece by piece.
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Passionate, creative interior plant maintenance at your disposal
Green Oasis Plantscapes’ team of trained horticulturists is always on the cutting edge of interior plant care, giving you the best advice and options available. We know the key to a thriving space is continuous maintenance and upkeep, so at Green Oasis, we go far beyond installation. You can count on Green Oasis Plantscapes for the kind of continuous service you expect and deserve.

Inspired by modern and eco-friendly design, you’re guaranteed the most exquisite and high-quality indoor plant rental service around.

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