Taking care of plants and flowers is part science and part art. We are a well-established and respected interior landscaping company looking for independent and creative individuals. We are gardeners - we just happen to garden all year 'round in corporate accounts and lobbies, from 5 star hotels to world-renowned tech firms. We bring life into buildings.

The work is physical. We fill and carry water buckets all day, prune and clean and care for tropical foliage. Ladder climbing may be involved. Work is Monday through Friday and usually starts on the early side of the day. A reliable insured car is helpful to get to and from accounts; mileage and parking are compensated.

We train new people or compensate at a higher rate for folks with experience. Regular seminars, outings and meetings ensure continual education in our field. Join our green team and we'll bring out the artist and the scientist in you!

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Passionate, creative interior plant maintenance at your disposal
Green Oasis Plantscapes’ team of trained horticulturists is always on the cutting edge of interior plant care, giving you the best advice and options available. We know the key to a thriving space is continuous maintenance and upkeep, so at Green Oasis, we go far beyond installation. You can count on Green Oasis Plantscapes for the kind of continuous service you expect and deserve.

Inspired by modern and eco-friendly design, you’re guaranteed the most exquisite and high-quality indoor plant rental service around.

Contact us to learn more or get a quote for a better idea of what’s available to you.