We have the answer for your dull, colorless wall!

Green Oasis' Green Walls are a powerful force.  They enhance the image of your building while ridding the air of harmful toxins and reducing noise levels.  With their total flexibility of design, they can be any size or shape.  Let our professional team members install one for you.  Click here for more information.

Below are links to interesting research papers:
Acoustic Properties of Green Walls

Passionate, creative interior plant maintenance at your disposal
Green Oasis Plantscapes’ team of trained horticulturists is always on the cutting edge of interior plant care, giving you the best advice and options available. We know the key to a thriving space is continuous maintenance and upkeep, so at Green Oasis, we go far beyond installation. You can count on Green Oasis Plantscapes for the kind of continuous service you expect and deserve.

Inspired by modern and eco-friendly design, you’re guaranteed the most exquisite and high-quality indoor plant rental service around.

Contact us to learn more or get a quote for a better idea of what’s available to you.