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Flowers & Plants Build Happier Workforces and Inspire Innovation

Through many studies it has been proven that changing your workplace into one with flowers and plants, will increase productivity, inspire ideas and innovation, and build a happier workforce.  Business experts know that they must gain the competitive edge in this challenging economy, and in order to do this we must have a happy, productive workforce.  It may be difficult to achieve this, but nature holds a secret to business success. 

According to business strategist Courtney Anderson, J.D., M.B.A., the means of creating positive, productive environments are presented in three categories: environment, management, and leadership.  Something as simple as adding flowers to your workplace enhances moods, social interaction, and on-the-job creativity and productivity.  Anderson once said, "Doing little things like adding flowers to your workspace or taking a few extra minutes to get to know your co-workers will make you happier at work."

Improve your working environment with plants and flowers by contacting us to recieve a free propsal.

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