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How to increase your restaurants profitability with plants...

Managers and owners in the retail and leisure industry have long known of the importance of store and restaurant environments in improving and enhancing the shopping experience of visitors. Marketers around the world have studied the influences of product packaging, restaurant layout and design on the behavior of customers and have drawn some interesting conclusions from their findings.

What they've found is that while owners and managers often put a huge amount of effort into the presentation of their products and the internal design of their space, they are not maximising their chances of success unless they pay more attention to the big picture.

These so called “macro” level settings are the areas that surround their restaurant. Scientists Mattila and Wirtz in their 2002 study extend the ideas of Gestalt to customers’ perceptions of retail environments and demonstrated that shoppers note the service-landscape entirely.

Interior plants and landscaping in your restaurant helps to create an atmosphere more favorable for consumer type activity. When we shop in areas with "tree" versus "non-tree" environments we visit more frequently, stay longer, rate the quality of the products 30% higher and are willing to pay about 12% more for what we buy.

So by making sure that your restaurant has plant displays around it you can maximise both the amount that your customers are willing to spend, and also help get them in the mood to rate your restaurant favorably .  It’s a proven fact!  Plants for restaurants really do work.

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